April 5, 2023
2:00 p.m. EDT

Millennials are one of America’s most diverse generations to date. Almost half of the segment is multicultural, and more than one in ten identify as LGBTQ+. Millennials today are amidst transformational life stages – including prime career years and parenthood. This unique set of circumstances, coupled with an uncertain economic environment, presents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands to capture millennial spending.

Do you understand millennials on all levels—demographics, how they identify, and what they value—to effectively engage them in your marketing?

Join us for the release of our updated millennial cultural traits research and harness these insights for authentically appealing campaigns. We will explore a sampling of three areas of our consumer fundamentals:

  1. Demographics and economic opportunity,
  2. Identity-related marketing expectations,
  3. Cultural Traits.

This webinar provides the latest data-driven insights and tools necessary to develop Cultural Fluency, a competency which results in more efficient general market campaigns, as well as more effective dedicated activations.