January 18, 2023
2:00 p.m. EST

From adherence to medical care, to insurance and provider preferences, health and wellness are consistently top of mind for women consumers–both for themselves and their families. And in a continuously uncertain health environment, related attitudes and behaviors are evolving. 

Join us and explore key findings and implications for women’s attitudes and behaviors toward health and how your brand can act on these insights to address their concerns and lean into their Self-Care Group Trait. Join Collage Group to take a pulse check on health for women consumers and learn how you can act on these insights in our latest research. We'll explore barriers and opportunities to capturing the attention of women and better managing care throughout the patient journey.

Additionally, we’ll dig deeper into provider and health insurance preferences, trust in healthcare institutions and likely sources of information, openness to provider engagement and information-sharing, and likelihood to follow medical recommendations, mental health, caregiving, and more.