November 30, 2022
2:00 p.m. EST

To help you keep pace with evolving American consumer attitudes, Collage Group is excited to announce our latest complimentary webinar sharing our new Parents & Kids Program insights as part of our leading Cultural Intelligence Platform.

Growth-focused brands are obsessed about connecting with American teenagers (individuals 13-17 years old) for two reasons: 1) these young consumers already influence a majority of their parent’s purchasing decisions and, 2) capturing their interest now builds brand loyalty for years to come. To capture these young Americans’ attention and develop meaningful connections, brands need a clear understanding of who these young consumers are, what motivates them, and how their attitudes vary across demographics, including race, ethnicity, and gender.

Join Collage Group for our latest webinar, “American Teenagers: How to Authentically Engage,” to understand what sets apart these young consumers and what your brand can do to develop an authentic connection now. Topics covered consist of: general attitudes–including aspirations and values–and category-specific attitudes and behaviors in industries such as personal care, apparel, QSR, and media.