July 28, 2022
2:00 p.m. EDT

American consumer attitudes continue to evolve, and to help you keep pace, Collage Group is excited to announce a new complimentary webinar sharing our new Parents & Kids Program insights as part of our leading Cultural Intelligence Platform. 

In our latest complimentary webinar, you'll learn how American parents differ from their non-parent peers along two dimensions: their cultural values and related attitudes and their media habits. The presentation uses both a gender and race/ethnicity lens to create in-depth profiles of both moms and dads.

The Parents & Kids Program has been developed with input from many of the world’s top brands. The program specifically overcomes common “cultural blind spots” many brands report by providing a cost-effective way to obtain insights critical to activating parents and kids across race and ethnicity.

To learn more about signing on as a founding member of the Parents & Kids Program prior to the event, please fill out the form to have a representative reach out to you directly.