May 25, 2022
2:00 p.m. EDT

Many Millennials started their careers during the Great Recession, which shaped their financial status and buying behaviors early in life. Now amidst a second recession carrying heavy student debt and low homeownership rates, they face a unique set of circumstances likely to further impact Millennial spending and behaviors.

Get brand-new insights into one of the first generations to be defined by the multicultural experience with our updated insights for effectively engaging Millennial consumers. This complimentary webinar provides a sampling of the data-driven insights and tools necessary to win this consumer segment facing a unique set of financial circumstances.

In this new webinar, we explore sample insights from three areas of our 2022 updates to consumer fundamentals research for the Millennial segment: 

  1. Demographics and economic opportunity
  2. Identity-related marketing expectations
  3. Cultural Traits