January 21, 2020
2:00 p.m. EST

Collage Group is proud to announce the launch of our LGBTQ+ & Gender program with this webinar featuring select proprietary insights on LGBTQ+ consumers. The LGBTQ+ community is growing, skews young, and has tremendous buying power in the U.S. (estimated at $1 trillion). This key consumer segment includes at least 12 million American adults, a number likely to grow rapidly as society becomes more accepting of diverse sexual and gender identities.  

Join us for this upcoming webinar and walk away with an understanding of:

  • LGBTQ+ demographics and unique cultural profile.
  • The political and social issues they care about.
  • The massive and growing number of LGBTQ+ allies.
  • Tips and take-aways for effective and engaging marketing.

This year, as part of our new program we are exploring consumer trends across the LGBTQ+ community and deepening our insight into gender with a focus on women, while covering transgender, non-binary and other segments where applicable. With new narratives and research streams focused on LGBTQ+ and women, Collage Group members will have the opportunity to add an additional cultural lens beyond our Multicultural and Generations programs. During this webinar, you will get a sneak peek at our proprietary LGBTQ+ data available to members of the LGBTQ+ & Gender program, as well as an overview of the all-new consumer research on these segments to be released throughout the year.