August 4, 2020
2:00 p.m. EDT

The U.S. marketplace is experiencing a cultural transformation of unprecedented scope and scale as the share of consumers that are multicultural and young rises. The pressure is on to rethink marketing with a focus on authentic connections that tap into culture, identity and emotion. This rapidly evolving landscape requires a new approach to assessing and building brands.

Based on more than 10 years of research into multicultural America, Collage Group has developed a unique way to measure the cultural fluency of brands. We begin by ranking brands on our proprietary Cultural Fluency Quotient (CFQ), and then dive deep into the internals to explore how key features drive CFQ.

During this complimentary webinar, we will unveil seven of the top culturally fluent brands and explain why they rank high. Attendees will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of how to evaluate the cultural fluency of brands.
  • Examples of high performers with clear insights into what drives cultural fluency.
  • Insight into conventional performance metrics through a cultural lens, such as brand favorability, brand affinity and brand momentum.