June 30, 2020
2:00 p.m. EDT

American communities are advocating for change in large numbers and with resounding energy. Our new study, out of field June 15, shows that the majority of Americans believe racism is a very serious problem. They are asking brands to take action to address the institutional racism interwoven in U.S. systems from health care and education to police reform and political leadership. Many companies recognize the importance of these efforts, yet are unsure of the role they can play in contributing to change.

In this webinar, we will dig deeper into these findings and unveil what American consumers—across race, ethnicity and generation—are asking of brands and will outline insights for taking action.

Webinar attendees will learn how Americans across multicultural and generational segments:

  • Perceive and understand the severity of the problem of racism in the U.S.
  • Feel about current events, including police violence and inequality, and the action individuals have taken to drive change.
  • Respond to brands taking a stance on issues, such as making public statements and donating money.