December 4, 2019
2:00PM EST

The emergence of new and innovative entertainment channels—e.g., 100s of cable channels; streaming tv, movie, and music platforms; podcasts; video games—has created both opportunities and challenges for brands. On the one hand, it has become easier for brands to target advertising to consumers based on their choice of entertainment channel/platform. On the other hand, consumers have more entertainment choices making them less loyal to any specific channel/platform and more demanding in what they will endure in terms of advertising.

Join us for an in-depth presentation exploring the ways consumers are willing to engage with advertising in this new media world. We will consider the attitudes and behaviors of the major racial and ethnic segments related to: cable tv; streaming tv, movie, and music platforms; podcasts; video games and virtual reality entertainment; large screen movies.  Below are several topics we will include in this study:

  • In-content advertising: How do consumers feel about advertising embedded in entertainment content (e.g., in shows, video games, etc.)?
  • Platform-specific advertising: what type of advertising are consumers willing to engage with in various platforms?
  • Content curation: How do consumers discover and keep up with content (very important for content-creating members)