June 5, 2019
2:00PM EDT

There are 326 million people living in the US today. About 19 million of them are Asian American—that’s 6% of the total US population. While this segment is smaller than the other major multicultural groups in the US, you cannot not overlook them if you wish to grow and capture market share. After all, Asian Americans are the fastest growing segment and they have the highest median income.

This webinar will cover two topics: demographics and cultural values. We will begin with a discussion of this segment’s population growth, household demographics, and economic opportunity. And then dive deeper to understand four key traits that define the segment:

  • Collectivism
  • Cultural Duality
  • Future Focus
  • Family Loyalty

All registrants will receive a link to the recording a few days following the webinar, so register anyway even if you can't make it at 2:00PM EST.