May 1, 2019
2:00PM EDT

To win in today’s competitive markets, brands must be able to resonate with and activate all segments, including younger consumers who have yet to hit many important life-stages and may still be developing their tastes and brand loyalties.  But you can’t just rely on what’s worked in the past—these young consumers are unlike previous generations in important ways that marketers need to understand to capture their attention.   

This webinar will introduce you to our essentials series for Gen Z and Millennial marketing. The series consists of two studies (one for Gen Z and one for Millennials) and covers topics such as demographics, economic opportunity, media use, cultural values, and passion points for each segment. It is designed to help marketers understand what matters most to Gen Z and Millennials and how these consumers differ from other generations and each other.  

All registrants will receive a link to the recording a few days following the webinar, so register anyway even if you can't make it at 2:00PM EST.